Wanneroo Rotary Park located in Scenic Drive, Wanneroo, has a plaque, set in a lime stone boulder that says "Rotary Park, opened by Charles Searson JP., President Wanneroo Shire. This Park was developed by the Rotary Club of Wanneroo in co-operation with the Shire of Wanneroo. 10th November  1979.   In September 2001 the Rotary Heritage Wall at the park was officially dedicated.  The story of the wall appears in a link to the right of the front page of this website
Bernie Tuppin (Rotary Wanneroo President 1979/80) along with many Rotarians and their families, attended the official opening of Rotary Park.  President Bernie accepted the thanks of the Wanneroo Shire President, Charles Searson on behalf of Rotary Wanneroo.  The park, with its barbecues and playground equipment, has proved, over the years to be a great benefit to the community of Wanneroo and is a credit to the Club.  Until quite recently, Past Presidents of Rotary Wanneroo planted a tree in Rotary Park to commemorate their year in office.
The Heritage Wall, which was dedicated on 9 September 2001 was supported by the State Government.  The limestone sculptural wall can be interpreted as being two rectangular stone tablets seen to be rising from or pushing through the earth's surface. These tablets intercept each other and although they may appear to oppose one another in direction they actually support and benefit each other. It is in a similar manner that our country and our community has progressed, we have acted likewise, supporting each other as our multicultural society has moved forward, and although at times we may appear to oppose each other in various thoughts and actions, it has only been through our combined efforts that we have made such great progress during the first hundred years of Federation.