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On 23 June 1971, the first meeting of the 25 inaugural members of the club took place, the Club was officially chartered on 23 July 1971.  Today, three of those are still club members, 2 honorary members in Bill Olsen and Vic Parin and one, still very active member, Paul Conti.
Thanks to Paul, the Club’s first wine label in 1973 was Buckingham Red, a wine made from Shiraz grapes grown on Paul’s vineyard in Wanneroo, its motto “Let us have wine and women, mirth and laughter, sermons and soda water the day after”.
Fundraising efforts over the years has contributed significant funds to the Wanneroo and surrounding communities, schools, kindergartens, retirement villages, nursing homes, playgroups, homeless services, to name but a few, have all been recipients of this Club’s generosity.
Many people don’t know that Rotary Park and all its facilities, play equipment, barbecues etc, in Scenic Drive, Wanneroo were initiated and funded by Rotary Wanneroo., as was the Heritage Wall located close by. Wanneroo Senior High School’s first bus was gifted by our Club about the same time as the purchase of a heart monitor and defibrillator for the then “new” Wanneroo Hospital.
The annual Wanneroo Show has helped our fundraising efforts enormously over the years.  Our club, voluntarily, over the years has staffed the bar; staffed the gates etc and been rewarded for our service with a percentage of the monies raised.
We are responsible for sending thousands of wheelchairs, donated by Wheelchairs for Kids, to the Burma Children Medical Fund located close to the Thai Burma border.  In addition, spectacles donated by Specsavers, (initially it was the Wanneroo Branch but later, other branches of Specsavers in the northern suburbs joined the cause, as did Glengarry Spectacles); added to these are a multitude of other needed items.  Collectively, this has made an enormous difference to the lives of thousands of children and their families in this remote region
If your children have “nagged you” to put a gold coin in the spiral wishing well in the local shopping centre, that’s our fault, but hundreds of people have benefited by those coin donations. 
Been to Hillarys Boat Harbour in the last ten years? Seen the Dolphin Wishing Well? That’s us too. Combined with Hillarys Rotary Club we established that Wishing Well after the mysterious and tragic deaths of three beautiful dolphins Rajah, Mila and Echo. 
The project was an initiative of the Hillarys club in 1999 but, it took a VERY long time for approvals to be granted etc, until it was finally unveiled in May 2010.  Yes, its construction and ongoing maintenance costs a bit, but it ensures a continuous daily income to add to our annual fundraising efforts.
We welcome and encourage new members to join our club, some of us are getting a “bit long in the tooth”, but we do have plenty of energy but new faces, new ideas, new passion and commitment are so welcome.